Technical Support

1. Remote support service

After receiving the user's service request, if the telephone support service cannot solve the equipment failure, or at the same time as the telephone technical support, Shanghai Energy will implement the remote support service according to the need and after obtaining the consent of the user.

In the process of remote technical support, Shanghai Energy diagnoses the problem of the user equipment at the remote end and proposes a solution to the problem.

2. Software upgrade service

(1) In the event of failures in product operation due to software design, We will provide software upgrade services to solve the problems when necessary.

(2) For the improvement of the system, the addition and deletion of functions, and the modification of the software version to meet new needs after the user purchases the product, we will provide the corresponding software upgrade version file for free.

(3) The software upgrade that does not affect the user's business shall be carried out within one month.

(4) Submit the software upgrade plan to the user in written form. On the premise of not affecting the normal business of the user as much as possible, the software upgrade time will be confirmed by Shanghai Energy and the user.

(5) During the software upgrade, the user should send maintenance personnel to participate and provide necessary cooperation and assistance.

3. Troubleshooting service

According to the impact of faults on user business, Shanghai Energy divides faults into four levels, which are defined as follows

Failure Level Fault Description Response Time Processing Time
Class A Failure Mainly refers to the failure of the product during operation, resulting in the inability to realize the basic functions. Respond Immediately 15 Minutes
Class B Failure It mainly refers to the potential risk of the failure of the product during operation, and may cause the basic functions of the equipment to be unable to be realized. Respond Immediately 30 Minutes
Class C Failure It mainly refers to the problems that directly affect the service and cause system performance during the operation of the product. Respond Immediately 45 Minutes
Class D Failure Mainly refers to the faults that occur during the operation of the product, intermittently or indirectly affecting system functions and services Respond Immediately 2 Hours

(1) For Class A and B faults, provide 7×24 hours of technical services and spare parts guarantee, and cooperate with customers to solve problems within 1 hour for major faults, and solve general faults within 2 hours.

(2) For grade C and D faults, and the faults are caused by software and hardware defects, We will solve them through future software upgrades or hardware upgrades.

4. Debugging service

Shanghai Energy will provide remote or on-site debugging services for all series of EMU products purchased by customers according to customer requirements, and the person in charge of after-sales will designate technical personnel to carry out docking according to the needs of debugging services. Determine the debugging time, the number and type of debugging equipment, the number of services, etc. Issue a commissioning plan and arrange personnel.